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well i was going to get our gas turned on today so we can cook but.. there apparently is a $230 deposit AND a $50 fee just to do so. WHaT the f. I’m like so appalled I just.. I hate.. and will continue to microwave and or toaster oven everything.

In other news i am getting really disgusted with all the meat in the house and decided since we’ve been together for 2 years now i’m going to force bill to stop eating meat. i seriously asked him this morning if he would consider stopping eating meat and he LITERALLY said “what do i get out of it?” and I was like what!! you get the rewarding feeling knowing you are not consuming dead animals that suffered just so you can TASTE them and he’s like, “no what do i get out of it because it seems like it’s all for you but i want something out of it”

I am literally really angry he would say that. he doesn’t understand and I’ve tried to get him to watch earthlings with me before but he’s like “I don’t want to see that stuff”

-________- Like I legitimately might give all the meat we have in the freezer to my dad or throw it away while bills working.. I seriously have never been so angry at something.

okay i might have decided to move to oregon next year and build a cob cottage in the woods and i think i will have the money to do so as long as i sell my soul and get a second job i’ve been avoiding this but it’s worth it so job applications being put in TOMORROW EVERYWHERE.

well today is my first day raw vegan, i had half of a watermelon for breakfast it is really hard resisting coffee : )

literally beyond stressed and depressed